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A similar phenomenon leads to the appearance of tumor-like formations - the so-called hematocolpos. As they grow, sharp arching pains appear in the lower abdomen, and when the deposited secretions fester, the temperature rises, favorable conditions for sepsis are created. The patient in this case shows an urgent operation.

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Impact on orghuman anism aplasia of tadalafil organs, tissues or parts of the body is different. Some types of aplasia (lack of cerebral hemispheres, heart muscle, both kidneys, etc.) are incompatible with life. Others can cause severe disruption of the functioning of the body, and without surgical intervention will lead to the death of the patient (diaphragmatic hernia or Hirschsprung's disease).

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Usually, diseases associated with hormonal disorders or pathology of the fallopian tubes lead to infertility. However, the inability to have children is due to the pathology of the uterus itself. Aplasia (underdevelopment or absence) of tadalafil is found in every fifth girl when she does not have menstruation by the due date.

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Aplasia of the cervix is ​​more often associated with a violation of the formation of Muller's ducts during intrauterine development of the fetus. Such a failure of the timely and complete formation of these ducts leads to a variety of defects in the genital organs - both the uterus and the vagina.

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Usually, aplasia occurs in combination with the pathology of other genital organs: the vagina and cervix. It is not always possible to accurately identify the causes of aplasia. The main causes of this disease are adverse factors that affect the body of a pregnant woman in the first trimester. Most often, such factors can be: genetic predisposition; general chronic pathologies of the mother; chronic inflammation of the genital organs; hormonal disorders; infectious diseases; alcohol; smoking; medicines.

Any chronic disease can lead to hormonal disorders in the fetus. For example, chronic respiratory diseases in the mother (bronchitis, bronchial asthma) lead to oxygen starvation in the fetus. And if a woman during pregnancy suffers from cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, ischemia or heart disease), this leads to insufficient blood circulation in the placenta.

In some cases, aplasia is secondary. In this case, the girl is born with a normal reproductive system, but in the treatment of a number of cialis of the uterus or vagina, some of the genital organs have to be removed.